What we do

UCit forms part of the Daly Morgan Group; spanning over a 20 year period, encompassing businesses that have proven to be the leaders in their respective markets. With UCit Sport offering Corporate Sport Hospitality and UCit Live Corporate Entertainment Hospitality, you can find all your corporate packages in one place with UCit. Though our innovative and fresh approach, we strive to set the benchmark for sport hospitality – encompassing the passion and desire of this thrilling industry and providing our clients with the option of integrating corporate sport into their business strategy. Our clients trust us in providing them with a platform to experience sport in all its glory. We provide unforgettable experiences, hassle free, always guaranteeing the finest corporate sport packages available.

UCit Sport offers packages for local sporting encounters, as well as providing a gateway for our clients to experience the most exciting international sporting events available. We give our clients the opportunity to experience the world’s biggest sporting clashes; giving them the satisfaction of knowing that their tour has been arranged by true professionals. Our packages couple convenience with excellence. Whether one aims at entertaining their clients, fulfilling a lifelong dream, or watching the game with friends and family, UCit Sport can customise any package according to your requirements. Whether local golf tours or cricket clashes, the Champions League Final or the Rugby World Cup, we harness the power of sport to provide our clients with memorable and inspirational experiences. With a great demand for personalised sporting hospitality, our packages combine the excitement of the sporting world with an optimal networking environment, adding value to corporate entertainment.

Our sporting platforms provide the perfect networking opportunities for building long-lasting business relationships. Passion for sport forms the backbone of our business. UCit Sport successfully draws together a mix of individuals and corporate clients in a shared love for the game. Our platform enables companies to create and successfully implement marketing strategies around large sporting events.

You're a mover, you're a shaker, your finger always on the pulse of what's happening and who's coming. From live arena shows, to local festivals, concerts and the races, you make sure you're always there in style! UCit LIVE sets the stage for you to experience the hype and excitement of all live events across South Africa, offering packaged experiences for private and corporate clients. Don't miss a beat! Contact us for all your Live Events requirements.

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